Our Human Resource Management courses and training programs prepare you and your HR Staff to meet the challenges of today's employment environment. Our on-site workshops and seminars are designed to help your organization comply with employment laws and avoid employment lawsuits. However, we feel our most important training benefit is the impact our training can have on your strategic Human Resource management objectives.

Each HR course focuses on improving employee services while reducing costs. We help Human Resources professionals re-position their role in business. HR does not need to be perceived as bureaucratic. In fact, the Human Resource Department does indeed add to directly to profits contributes strategic direction to organizational objectives:

  • Define and implement human resource management system including competency and appraisal systems;
  • Set up assessment center for recruitment; Recruitment and Outreach Programs, Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent recruitment process; Behavioral Interviewing
  • Training and Development; Review training needs and identify skills required for specific positions;
  • Periodically review the effectiveness and appropriateness of human resource schemes; and
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate culture and ethic among the staff.
  • Human Resources Systems Design; Diversity Programs; Policies/Procedures Development; Strategic HR Management
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation; HR Programs Evaluation
  • Result-Oriented, Job Descriptions & Key Performance Indicators
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How positive thinking can benefit your organization; Innovative Pay, Rewards and Incentives
  • How to deal with Conflict, Change and Difficult People
  • How to empower your People
  • How to lead a winning team;